November 09, 2006

I just finished chatting at yahoo and was going to go to sleep now. But I might not sleep now that I have written this entry.

I stay up to 4:00 or 5:00 am these days. Basically this is 5 to 6 hours after I get off work. I have some nights joined yahoo chat and then realised it was late and had to say good night on-llne to strangers. I only judge these people by their on-line text interactions. I just took my night meds and another dose of vitamins. I woke up early yesterday but am not trying to do that today. I had been thinking of staying up all day so I could attend my class. Now I am thinking of that again now writing this. I have only 4.5 hours till class and also only 3.5 hours till I would ideally leave for the bus to class. I could try sleeping after class before work. I would be risking work by doing this because I would not be well rested. But I would gain so much by attending class today. I will see how my meds affect me. At least I took them so now should be sane even if I stay up and this may make work a lot easier in the end. I could be home from school by 11 AM and sleep until 1:30 PM or 2.5 hours sleep. I could rest a little now too for five minutes at a time just rest my body without sleeping. Just lie down. This sounds all good. In the end it will be a 38 hour day with 2.5 hours sleep and then a good 12 hours sleep the first half of Friday. Yes that is the plan. This is good to use my blog for self discovery and planning my life.

I must be careful not to do too much now today. I will only focus on class and work. I will have to do a little household work to support my wife's day but other wise I will not try to do things that are not done or late. Just class and work, writing and computers and resting enough.

Posted by petert at November 9, 2006 03:45 AM


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