November 10, 2006

Workplace developments

I worked hard again today and had some stress at work. I am not sure yet how to cope with this but my coworkers on either side of me also receive this stress. So we are all stressed so a group solution is in order I would think. I am not sure that I am any more sensitive to this because of my schizoprenia. I do though have extra coping techniques learned and supported by my peers in the consumer/survivor movement and some maturity to deal with this.

My training for next week was not available so next week I work three days with no training. I now again like the expression Thank god, its Friday. I used to like this expression as a young worker. But really I value work and what we are doing has idealogical overtones that fit my goals to fill the data analyst role/profession.

I should also update my seeking a more senior job. At the meeting on Monday to discuss my excel skills the person I met said they were very impressed with my qualifications and I had been selected to continue the application process. This news made me very happy and I had a great Monday at work. I took Tuesday off but did some very good school work that day. Wednesday was also good. Thursday was slow to start and like I say I was stressed by the work but by the end of Thursday I had monitored my work and picked up the pace and ended with reasonable productivity. I don't know how I will feel after sleeping but right now I am looking forward to woking on Friday and getting a lot done. I will sleep in about two hours.

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