November 13, 2006

Buying a Harmon Kardon audio receiver.

I was so tired going finally to the electronics store this past afternoon. I was dozing off on the bus. I had already done some school work in the morning. I had then gone to pick up a parcel and get my partner some herbs so she could cook lentil burgers. I then took buses to the schools. I then before coming home made a long bus trip to a suburban electronics store. I had worried so much about spending money I don't have.

I was in luck. The Harmon Kardon receiver I was going to buy on-line was available at the store as a floor model. I thought of buying a Yamaha receiver for the same money but decided to match the speakers with the receiver. Then it turned out that because this model of Harmon Kardon receiver was on clearance and the receiver on display was the last one at the store, they gave me a 170$ discount for the box being open.

To do this and justify the money spending to myself, I today invoiced one web master job for money to cover the purchase. I did some web work and just now got an email from my boss at this job saying she is delighted that the web site is moving forward and is happy to have been invoiced. So material goods can motivate creativity and money making.

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