November 19, 2006

I worked for two hours early this morning on the peer to peer support project web site.

I am tired but more still wired from excitement. I could not sleep at 3:00 AM when I needed to sleep for our return trip today. Also tomorrow I need to be up at about 9:00 am or earlier to make it to our psychiatrist's offices. This can be done by sleeping a little on the bus today and then not having enough sleep on the bus sleeping a bit more tonight. Otherwise I would get in from our trip around 10:00 PM tonight and not be able to sleep until the early morning and then sleep too long. I have already missed my psychiatrist's appointment about a month ago and tomorrow's appointment is a rescheduled appointment. I am sort of excited by money and also my family at present but also I wanted to stay up to study. In the end I did study and am studying this morning but I am also doing computer work.

I managed to put in two good hours on the peer to peer web site. I also worked a little at the game Second Life. I also met two people in yahoo chat, One person had eating disorders and the other person addictions, depression and anxiety. We chatted a little comparing medications.

Posted by petert at November 19, 2006 07:34 AM


Dear fellow mental health consumer/survivors:

Mental health advocacy and holistic treatments are alive and well in metro Washington DC!! Check out for a local social/dinner club and educational forum, which hosts prominent after-dinner speakers, arts festivals, music festivals, poetry slams, and holiday parties. Along with affiliated consumer-run clubs, we’re also very much involved in advocacy and legislative affairs. A dinner/art show/musical nights we held about one month ago—with a lecture by community champion, Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison—drew over 80 people!!

--Beatnik_Pete, founder/manager of the “Bethesda Beatniks Dinner Club.”

Posted by: Peter Warner at December 3, 2006 02:33 AM

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