November 25, 2006

End of studious day on-line after 31 hours awake

I am tired but beyond that now. I need to sleep. I took 1.5 times my daily dose of risperadol half an hour ago. I took 9 mg and will now rest and not have to wake up until I am fully rested. I managed a lot of school exploring today. I will start this week's schoolwork tomorrow.

I also managed about 4 hours of union volunteering and picketting. I bumped into my political criminal law professer at the coffee shop we picketted. He was just leaving and I told him the wobblies would be picketting the shop and he quickly introduced me to his wife who he told me had talked about me recently. This was probably because the class I took with him was televised and I was often on camera and then this version of the course was shown twice more this past year for his winter and summer courses. He introduced me as an exemplary student to his wife.

On-line I explored academics in digital design and met designers from Vancouver in a virtual world representing a real campus open house in Vancouver.

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