December 13, 2006

I took my meds a few minutes before paying bills.

I did some reading after I got in from work yesterday. I read into the morning today. I read interesting and inspiring school texts.

I took my meds a few minutes before our pay cheque was in the bank. I just paid some bills and am now feeling tired.

I worked nine hours again including two and a half hours of union meeting attendance. I now need to earn back two of those hours as worked hours. I may be able to work an extra hour today to earn the time back.

I also have to pay some rent today. I would like to also pay some more for the amplifier. I did get behind on the electronic store repayment plan.

I am though bringing all my credit instruments down month over month. I do need to take some vitamins now and then sleep. Today is our last pay day until Christmas.

Posted by petert at December 13, 2006 03:28 AM


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