December 18, 2006

I spent about ten hours so far today using the internet.

I slept at 12 noon Sunday, without taking my meds and only slept until 5:00 PM. I woke up and took my meds and tried to sleep some more but could not and was too excited. So I stayed up and then surfed the net. I spent about ten hours using the internet. I talked with my family using the internet. I also used community networking sites like blogs for schools etc.. In the end I came off the net and did some updating of contacts in my cell phone for my volunteering and also made some volunteering notes on the Palm cell phone. I just now am backing up my Macbook computer for another month. So after this new printer I bought on Saturday night, the next thing I need is more external hard drive space. I will wait until hard drives come on sale after Christmas.

Posted by petert at December 18, 2006 06:50 AM


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