December 25, 2006

I started to clean off the old shelves.

I have two old shelves to move out and give to a friend. Stored on these shelves presently are Christmas decorations, books about nature, books about computers, books about mathematicians and math history, political books and a set of encyclopedias from 1965. There are also a number of magazine boxes that hold magazines and my present filing system for important papers. There are a couple of functioning computer parts on the shelf too like my high speed modem and an external hard drive. All this must be moved off the shelves. Then these shelves will be taken apart and given away and the new shelves will be put in on this coming weekend.

I began tonight to move the stuff off. First I have moved off all the Christmas decorations and put them with light bulbs and Christmas lights above the fridge in a cupboard up there. I also tidied up this cupboard and took out an old astronomy camera project, and some shoe strings and a piece of rope. The piece of rope went into the tool cupboard. The shoe lace went into the front closet where shoe polish, and shoes go. So this kitchen cupboard got tidied up tonight.

I cleared off the top shelf of both shelves. I went through a pile of papers, and booklets that were collected from 1990-2000 from my consumer survivor career going back to my hospital goal setting group therapy right up to our self help group's newsletter from 2000. I put these all in a magazine box and took it off the top shelf and put this on the drafting table for now. It will go back on the new shelves. I also took off two other magazine boxes and did not read them or sort them and simply put them on the office floor. From the first pile I took out personal medical stuff including experiment sign up forms, old prescriptions and old notes I made for taking to psychiatrist appointments and put this all in a grocery bag. The consumer survivor stuff I have left in a magazine box, is old workshop papers, my suicide intervention course material, consumer newslettters and conference notes and hand outs, and many old government reports on mental health, general health, and addictions. I took out of this pile some info sheets on health and safety and just put these sheets on the floor for later filing. The magazine box I used for this used to hold old math society newslettters and these are just beside the consumer survivor box on the drafting table now. I will need to buy more magazine boxes for filing.

I am taking a break now to write this entry and then relax in the living room.

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