December 28, 2006

I am relaxing after building one of the shelves

I was able to take down one end of the old shelves and get enough room to put up one of the new shelves. I also made space on the floor to build it. Thus I can clean my office when I want to just not when others want me to clean. The trick now will be to throw out the old futon that was acting as my office couch. The new shelves are up at least one of the shelves is up and it has five shelves. My magazine boxes have gone back on these new shelves. I also was able to wire my rear left speaker from my old surrround sound system into the shelves and place it on a shelf. My office is presently full of a pile of stuff as the old futon and its frame are just piled in the middle of the room. I can't really use my eMac comfortably and I am posting this from my laptop in the living room.

I did not sleep on time tonight for tomorrow's work. But we may be let go early tomorrow as that is what our senior manager told me yesterday. So I stayed up so I could get this first set of shelves built. I will nap tomorrow if I am let off work early and then wake up for 4:00 for some volunteering. I have four shelve units in all to build I also have a new computer desk that was also on sale and I may build that overnight but I am thinking that that might cause me to have an accident, so I am just relaxing now and will hit the books and study overnight. I will also lie down a little but not sleep.

In fact, as I waited while proof reading the above I got the computer desk box out and am getting ready to build it. I just have space for it cleared out where the futon was. Unlike all the other Ikea furniture I have built in the past two years this is not all made of wood but instead is a metal frame and the only wood besides a shelf is the top of the desk. And in fact the desk top and the shelf may be particle board.

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