January 07, 2007

I am still studying economics and game theory models for my graduate school subjects.

Strange that I should be studying John Nash's theories again. But this is what I am doing for graduate school this term. I am up late after waking up at about noon Saturday. I am studying and doing various household tasks like cleaning up after and recycling the Christmas tree. I am also doing some interesting computing.

I have a class on Monday after work. I need to wake up no earlier than 8:00 PM tonight for Monday's day of work and Monday's first class in the late afternoon and early evening. I want to reach a 24 hour day or a little less at 8:00 PM on Monday. Last week I was up at 4:00 PM the day before the first day of work for the week and this was not good because I reached a 24 hour day while still on the job. In fact, tonight it would be best to wake up very late at night but no later than 4:00 AM Monday morning. I may try to sleep 12 hours and should time 14 hours as 3:00 AM and 10 hours, as therefore 11:00 PM tonight. Meaning I need to sleep at about 1:00 PM this afternoon.

I need to take a book back to my old school library and it is now two days over due. The book concerns web technologies. I may connect this trip to the library with some early morning shopping. Then come home exhusted and sleep.

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