January 20, 2007

Reporting on Thursday's all nighter and Friday's work.

Again I can't go into much detail but I did manage my first all nighter at work without coming home early. I was also worried enough that I tried something different in my tasks and managed to improve my production levels. I was not as tired as I could have been. I woke up on Wednesday 9:00 AM and worked that day and then attended a lecture that night and then stayed up studying and computing and then worked a full 8 hours Thursday. I came home and chatted with other student's in Second Life for half an hour or forty minutes then slept by 5:00 PM Thursday. So about a thirty hour day. I then slept until 4:30 Friday morning. So slept a good 11 hours. I worked on Friday and again used my new task technique and worked as hard as other workers and made my production levels. So a risk taken and something gained out of it ( the better production levels) besides what I was expecting which was just not to be late for work Thursday morning. I went into work on both Thursday and Friday half an hour early. I am now left feeling proud of my work for my weekend.

Posted by petert at January 20, 2007 03:45 AM


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