January 23, 2007

I bought a DVD recorder a few weeks ago and now am selling my extra DVD player.

I went a little crazy and manic with spending with my new wages this past fall. I bought a new HDTV and a DVD player for this TV. I recently bought a DVD recorder and am making DVD's of my law BA studies lectures which are on VHS. I am using local classifieds successfully in getting rid of extra stuff which is part of our mess around here. The original DVD player that produces an HDTV signal is being sold today. I am only loosing 20$ on the sale from the original price because I bought it on sale. The new DVD recorder also produces an HDTV signal so I actually had an extra DVD player. While I don't think I am brave enough to be an ebay seller I can sell locally fairly well so far.

I am also giving a way an older TV we no longer need. One of my radical union comrades is moving into his own aprtartment. So he needs apartment stuff and I am helping him out. He is also a graduate student at my new school.

While writing this entry I sold the DVD player. So we have more grocery money now for tomorrow.

Posted by petert at January 23, 2007 04:46 PM


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