February 07, 2007

Class went well. I chattted with the professor during break.

I attended class yesterday evening. I did a little coordination with my partner, as we look for another partner for our group term paper. I asked the professor for a little clarity about what is expected in the paper. I asked about the length of paper and whether we could do computer programming. With that settled, I agreed with my partner about when we would meet to study for our mid-terms. I then relaxed and followed the lecture closely. I really like this subject and it is economics and business knowledge helps to understand the economics. I chatted with an American student on the way home fom class about labour and the great depression and the work week legislation that the American Federation of Labour supported.

I came home and loaded up the third shelve unit with all my law books. But this is a mistake as I should have attatched it to the wall first. This is what happens when one is full of energy and moves fast at a task. I should have taken it slower. Now I will have to move it out from the wall to attach the anchor and will need to take all my law books off this shelve unit to move it. I can do this over night but should start studying now. I am staying up all night and of course I am worried about my health because of this.

Posted by petert at February 7, 2007 12:56 AM


Are you perhaps setting yourself up to over stress by staying up all night? What happens to a candle which one burns at both ends?

Posted by: rbell at February 7, 2007 12:57 PM

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