February 11, 2007

Off and on math problem solving today and I am almost done my homework.

Another student called needing help with the assignment. At the time he called I had much of it done and since then I have done more and am on break right now. The other student inspired me to stay up all night working on the assignment. He might call me to talk about the assignment. It is mostly done but there are at least two sub problem calculations I must still do. I worked for hour long periods on the computer typesetting and solving the problems. I took breaks to surf the internet and communicate via email. I had all my recent math books out and being used. I will get this home work done on time and completely answered.

I must work on Monday too and then go to class and hand in my school work. I will sleep at 8:00 PM Monday evening.

Posted by petert at February 11, 2007 10:58 PM


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