February 14, 2007

I just read some author guidelines for a journal

In graduate school we are expected to write essays or as they are known at this level of school simply papers. It is hoped we can have these papers published in journals. The idea is to let the world or rather other academics know about our research. I am expected to start to have a publication's record. Just now I followed up on an email call for papers and read the authors guidelines for a journal.

I attended all classes last week and this week. I worked in a lab on Tuesday evening and took three hours vaction time this morning so I could sleep in. Tonight I will stay up late and be up all day tomorrow so I can study overnight. These longs days I am promising myself here in pubic will end when classes end in about 7 weeks. In fact, next week we have a reading week or what is known in lower schools as a winter break. So next week I have no classes and the last week of February I will write two mid-term exams. I am taking three days off work in the last week to give me time for last minute study. I may yet ask for a fourth day off as well and I am entitled to this fourth day off.

I successfully studied with other students for our first assignment. We all did our own work though so we did not cheat we really just cooperated. Oh well I am up all night now and want to review some mathematics class notes. I also want to read some books because lately I have not had time to read much. I have already played some beautiful music on my new guitar after getting home from class.

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