February 21, 2007

I did a couple of hours of school work since my last post.

Somehow writing about focusing while at the computer helped me to actually focus. I find a kind of lying with schizophrenia which was also written about in the late 1950's and also related to this is exagerating and bosting. I often say these days I will do something and do not follow through justifying the untruth by saying it is my own action and I decide my own life through decisions not promises I have made. Of course the idea of honour and respect are slightly hightened in my mind as I associate with Chinese students and co workers who are Chinese but I think this idea too needs examination.

At any rate I did some reading and writing and more importantly relaxed thinking about school material. I also did some tough union email and was just reading some anti-racism studies from teachers. Here too labeling theory is still being used as a tool for fighting oppression. I am glad I wrote about labeling thoery sucessfully at least once on my academic career as I did in 2002 when I studied the wrongfully convicted.

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