March 06, 2007

My little workplace victory for disAbility rights.

I got approved by a senior manager to attend our workplace disAbility meeting. This is a little victory in a great day. Because even with being off work for 1.5 hours for the meeting my production levels were really good again today. I challenged myself near the end of the day to complete a lot of work after our last break and I did it. I got the work done. Then I applied for the promotions and got a cheery smile from our second level supervisor as I left for the day. I am also in good mood from the good news that my contract will be renewed until the summer. So I am going to have a summer job for sure and things are just so positive at work now. This positive mood supports my mood after school has brought me down. Can I do well at both work and school? I will know about school by the end of April but for now I must study hard.

Posted by petert at March 6, 2007 04:14 PM


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