March 10, 2007

C and J watched a demonstration of Second Life

I used my laptop hooked up to the TV to demonstrate Second Life to C and J. Other than that I showed them this blog. So that was our computer use for the Friday evening get together. I also helped M earlier Friday evening with her laptop and she paid me ten dollars and a bottle of wine. I will give the wine away as I don't drink and my partner does not drink wine.

C, J and I also talked vitamins. J had heard in the news that vitamins A and D can be toxic in large doses. I told him they knew this in the 1970's and this was not news. C copied down the info about my weber source fish oils capsules. C and I calculated that 3 of these capsules a day costs 28 cents. Or the price of the bottle is 17 dollars for 60 days. We did not use a calculator to calculate this but did it together in our heads and verbally.

After they left I got to work on my mathematics homework and have worked for 1 hour now on one problem coming close to a solution now. I will now read a few pages on economics annd then have another break and move on to another math problem for 1 hour.

Posted by petert at March 10, 2007 01:44 AM


I also take fish oil capsules and I think it helps. My general practitioner recommended it for schizophrenia. Take care and I enjoy the blog. Keep up with the updates and readers will come. You have a reader in me.


Posted by: Andrew at March 10, 2007 06:15 PM

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