April 01, 2007

Day shift is better.

For the first weekend in months I did not stay up over night. I feel great today. I did sleep in and was late to a study meeting. I got my bus pass for the month after the study meeting. I also am spending further time at the libraries today. We can donate food for library fines today so I will save 2 dollars today by giving a can of green beans to the library food drive. School is coming along well and I am browsing the local community college course catalog for courses as a possible activity for weekends this summer. But I will not study in the evenings this summer. I will limit courses to weekends. There are a number of web mastering course available on weekends. I can also study motorcycle driving on weekends, as soon as, May. I might also spend Friday evenings studying Kung Fu. I am just posting this and then going to one library to return books and then to another library to return books. I will read on the buses and study on the buses.

Posted by petert at April 1, 2007 01:52 PM


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