April 06, 2007

I have been web shopping all morning and afternoon.

I should be studying but am instead surfing the web sites of the camping store, the electronics store, ebay, the free business card store, and domain name registers. I bought 250 business cards for my old defunct rock and roll band and bought a domain name for this old band. I spent about 27$ on this. I also bought through ebay a bike mount for my GPS and this cost 27$. I also bought a car charger for my Treo from the electronics store which I intend to hook up to a solar powered charger. The car charger cost about 25$ and is being shipped here. I still haven't bought the solar powered charger and that will cost 28$ for the solar part and 21$ for the connector cable, tomorrow at the camping store. I will buy cat food tomorrow when I am out at the camping store. Also at the camping store I might buy a padded Chinese riding vest for warmth. I might also buy a handle bar bag. One of my 100 goals in 1001 days is to fix my bike tires and I got started on that just now.

Another goal I worked on today was finishing the balcony clean up. It took about 4 days but I put up another support piece of wood on the balcony frame just now.

If I can pay off the furniture store credit card by June I will buy a table and chairs set for the balcony. I owe about 700 dollars still for my bookshelves. I will also put up the last of the bookshelf lights today.

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