April 12, 2007

This is strange and weird

I am hoping that by taking my meds and then if I am able to stay up all day today I won't be as tired when I get off work. The key period has been the last few hours. I feel more mushy and soft rather than tired and wired. I am trying to maintain my excitement for the end of term and math studies. But I am not wired about it all. The meds are helping me maintain a level headedness. I have been working a couple of more hours just now on math probems. I also just did the accounts or most of them. If I try to write in my pen and ink journal I relax too much and get tired. I am focusing on my school work. This means I may be blind sided by other responsibilites. I have other things that are late besides school work. I took some vitamins about 20 minutes ago. I will post this and then complete the income report which I have been preparing to do for awhile now.

Posted by petert at April 12, 2007 03:32 AM


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