April 14, 2007

R, C, and J did not come by on Friday.

I did not have R, C and J over on Friday. I also did not study much Friday night after work. Instead I returned a non-functioning computer part to a store and bought my partner a copy of Superman II on sale. I also bought a second copy of the game the Matrix On-Line. This copy is for my laptop. Speaking of computers I have not used Windows Vista yet. I have a copy but don't have a PC to install it on. Actually I should not get talking about computers as doing some computer tasks right now will really use up my study time.

I just talked to R on the phone and he was repeating himself. He has his guitar strings strung. He too watched hockey today. He is on a new diet and exercise program and is also trying to sleep normal hours.

Posted by petert at April 14, 2007 09:14 PM


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