April 14, 2007

I will probably not stay up late studying tonight.

I have been studying and have today studied about a quarter of the material in my economics course. I hope to study another quarter before I sleep or before midnight but I must get my study goal achieved. I write my final exam on Monday night. I have Monday off of work. I also have my mathematics final exam this Friday and will have that day off of work as well. That is something my employer tries to respect is employee education rights.

In the fall term it was hard to wake up for my school class early in the morning. This winter term it has been hard to wake up for my work early in the morning. Tuesday may be difficult too because I am writing my exam until 10:00 PM. I will may be stay up all night and start studying for my mathematics exam on Tuesday early morning.

Posted by petert at April 14, 2007 09:33 PM


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