April 15, 2007

The next projects after the balcony.

I am getting closer to completing the balcony clean up. After the pigeon cleaners came it was about a week before I put up the netting structure and in this time the pigeons did their business a little more. I need to sweep this up still. I also need to re-secure the netting after the mild winter. This project is getting done very slowly.

My next projects involve solar energy and bicycles. One I want to take up bike touring and along with this build my bike into a computer carrying vehicle. I am building a sort of cyborg bicycle. I bought two cheap pannier racks today to hold the pannier bags I will buy in the future. I also last week bought a GPS mount for holding my GPS on the bicycle. I have the normal stuff like reflector tape, lights and reflectors all ready on the bike. I also need fenders. I put the front rack on the bike this evening. This was a long time coming as I had planned to buy this rack and the matching rear rack for over a year now. I finally took the plunge and bought them both today. I will now need to spring tune my bike and I still must attach the rear rack.

The connection between the balcony and my bike is both require tools to do as tasks. The other connection is that my wife wants me to keep the bicycle on the balcony. I will need a tarp for this eventually. My bike is a mid-priced bike and it took a savings bond to buy it one warm February day. This was fifteen years ago.

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