April 20, 2007

Web mastering work continues in two jobs may be now.

I say continues in two web master jobs meaning privately for consumer/survivors in two contracts and also may be now working for the government as a web master. I have to write an exam on HTML to land this government job. I am now thinking of signing up at the college to study web mastering in a school. I would need to find 800$ in May to pay tuition. I may ask my family for support in this tuition expense.

I worked three days this week. I did two under productive days and one better day. On one under productive day I was not working for one hour so this explains the under production. Also we are being instructed to slow down and improve on quality so I am doing that. I am actually feeling rather well about my paid work right now.

I am also feeling good about my web master work in the survivor community as I did a little work just now and will have some work this weekend. I can also receive some money from this job to help pay for web mastering school this May. I will need about 1600$ this July as well and then another 400$ this August.

Posted by petert at April 20, 2007 02:24 AM


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