April 21, 2007

I discovered I put the bike rack on backwards.

I spent about an hour trying to fix the bike rack after discovering I had put the front rack on backwards. I was starting to put on the rear rack when this discovery occured. I could not yet fix the front rack. I need to drill a large hole where the joining piece of metal attaches to the brake and then put this different piece on. I am actually using the joining piece of metal for a light right now and need to change this piece of metal. I won't drill now as it is early in the morning and drilling will disturbe the neighbours and my partner who are all sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping R is trying to sleep a more regular schedule now with support from the local clubhouse. I am up late and will sleep in two hours or so. I am volunteering this evening on call in law enforcement.Right now until 6 am I am going to work on our term paper. I also did some reading about Dreamweaver 1.2 just now. I search amazon.ca for books for dreamweaver 8 the version I bought last summer. But I can not afford these books right now.

Posted by petert at April 21, 2007 04:14 AM


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