April 21, 2007

Bike front rack fixed

I was inspired visiting my friend at his bike shop. He sold me some screws and a hex wrench to complete the rear rack. The screws that came with the rear rack were different from the front and not very good. I can now fix the rear rack. I took off the front rack it did not look like it would fit facing the right way. Randomness came to the rescue. I had given up on facing it in the right direction and thought I was putting it on backwards again but did not see I had reversed it. It worked reasonably well the right way. It is not perfectly flat but the support posts are on the front now and the rack is secure. This evening I will attach the rear rack. I am just preparing to go out to buy my wife two Superman films. I may buy ink for my copier and also a movie for my PSP.

Posted by petert at April 21, 2007 06:49 PM


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