April 24, 2007

Things for coworkers.

I burned a DVD for a coworker. It is actually a legal DVD because it is a free French lesson Podcast. The lessons are called the French podclass and I am yes recommending them here and you can find them in iTunes. I also am loaning a coworker a wireless PCMCIA card for her laptop so she can connect wirelessly to her family router. I also made a coat hanger for my office cubicle. I made it out of what else a coat hanger bend into the shape I needed. I actually don't have a cubicle anymore but I sit with a divider behind me which is one quarter of a cubicle. Now I can hang my coat where I sit and work. I am just gettng ready to go into work early again. I worked for about five hours on school work overnight. I will miss my volunteer appreciation dinner this evening and sleep instead. I also will attend a union meeting just after work before sleeping. The union meeting is at work. Well I stopped my school work and now must stop worrying about it and focus on working today.

Posted by petert at April 24, 2007 05:51 AM


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