May 13, 2007

At about 7:30 the rest of my day was simple. But, of course, it was not so far simple.

After my earlier blog posts here, the rest of my day seemed simple. I would clean the balcony, get some pop, bread and marshmallows and then to top it all off I would do a small grocery shop at the big store. I would only need to focus on these three task areas and complete the goal of clean up and keep the house functioning for another day.

Well three tasks were not enough. Instead, I would, of course, do more. I did just get the marshmallows, bread and pop. My partner just woke up and was thrilled that I remembered to buy marshmallows. But in the other two hours, since deciding that the rest of my day would be simple I did more. I did more blogging, read the paper( actually the sports section which I never read) and fixed the ice box shelf. I also did some accounting, got caught up with a credit card about to go over the limit, and made sure my partner had laundry money and money for her day. I tidied up the kitchen and the front closet a little too.

Now I will change out of my carefully prepared middle class causal non-believer Sunday jeans and disguised Ford logo hat that allowed me to walk two blocks to the store, and get into some old clothes for cleaning. May be I will even clean the cat litter today.

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