June 02, 2007

I had a good day with studies and am relaxing with TV hockey now.

I read books this morning after sleeping on the couch at about 5:00 AM. I woke up at 11:00 AM. I took the bus to school, later in the mid afternoon and paid a library fine at the old school. I read on the buses I took.

I bought a community bus pass. The community pass was my first only successful political lobbying. I had helped lobby for this cheaper bus pass for disAbled persons on limited incomes. This was when I volunteered at city hall. One politician I worked with is now our provincial minister of health. She is also a prominent local Francophone.

I talked with someone today at school I will call P. P also works at my old school tutoring and doing other tasks for the disAbled student's centre. We chatted a bit and then I came home.

The hockey finals are in my city tonight. The city is going crazy and as I write this entry the game is on break between the second and third period. The home team is ahead by one point now and if we can hold the lead we win and are back in the series with a better chance. Many commentators are predicting the home team will win tonight. Of course, I am cheering for the home team. I know the city will go wild if we win tonight. I am actually on call in my volunteer work too. I wore my hockey shirt out in the city today and I also am wearing it now as I watch the game on high definition TV.

I will study more after the game. My wife just watched a movie based on H. G. Well's story The Time Machine and is now going to watch a Star Trek movie. She is telling me to yell every time the home team score.

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