June 09, 2007

So very green here.

I was helping remove wasps from the sun shade umbrella on the back porch here. I have been organising my schedule until August and did record our accounts. I am having a lazy morning drinking coffee and smoking and writing in my notebooks.

I am studying AJAX this weekend. AJAX is a web programming application or language. I am working with a radical unionist who is also a young programmer. We are working on a union web site and I am pushing my knowledge of the web further.

I am also reading methodology and research practices books this weekend.

There are so many trees where we are here. They spread out from the houses and then to the parks near by and then up the mountain. There is a famous mental hospital on the top of this mountain or rather escarpment. On the sides of the escarpment a famous murder happened and the case made it to the Canadian Supreme court and was a defence of insanity case. I studied it in 2002 in my criminal law course.

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