June 18, 2007

I am getting ready for work today.

I am getting ready for work today. I would like to attend a workshop this week about SAS and will ask my boss this morning if I can take time off to do this. I think this week my work will be more physical labour.

I did last night complete an application for a more senior job at my workplace. It took about 10 hours to write up the application. I also have some sample interview questions for this particular position in the government. I reviewed those this weekend. I am going into work in about 40 minutes to work on a different application.

I will then work 8 hours and perhaps go to our self help group board meeting this evening. But I have been awake since 3:00 PM yesterday so may sleep as soon as I get home. But today should not be more than a 29 hour day may be only a 24 hour day. I did phone our self help group and left a message saying I might not be able to attend because I might be tired.

I just made a pot of home brewed coffee for work this morning. I am dressed and clean shaved for the day. I am just going to drink one cup of coffee at home then go to work carrying a second cup. I will take some vitamins too before going into work.

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