July 03, 2007

My computers are working fine, and nothing is broken.

My two computers are working fine now. Both are Macs. They both run windows as well if needed. They both also run some open source software.

I had spent a lot on credit to support these two computers, and keep my printers supplied. I have no more credit right now, and need to pay more credit back. For now I can not really print that much. I am applying for more credit at the electronics store, and this will allow me easy access to computer stuff. But I will be getting into more trouble with debit. You may know this is a typical problem for those of us with limited incomes.

G and W are two other consumers who know computers well. G needs to return a zip drive to me. He was sick for awhile. He offered me a hard drive to make up for this issue. I had to buy another zip drive, while I waited for him to get out of hospital and get back in the consumer scene. He is back but we need to connect a little more. He has made a generous offer for restitution, but I don't want to take advantage of him.

Posted by petert at July 3, 2007 04:26 AM


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