July 03, 2007

I just swept up the floors a little.

The hallway and kitchen floor were very messy. They really need a good cleaning. Instead, I swept them up and picked up a dustpan worth of dust and little bits of garbage. We are lucky to have a hallway. F a new union comrade with the schizophrenia label and also a grad student has only a one room apartment.

My work on the balcony needs to continue. We are growing a Chilly plant on the balcony now. We plan some more veggies and flowers to grow out there, but this will take some research and a little more money. We might need some money for soil and pots.

I also need to continue to pick up paper off the office floor. I am trying to sell some books or give them away. I found out I can sell some books back to the student book store, if I need too. But selling things is just wrong, because in the end people don't buy used stuff that often and often the amount paid is so little compared to the original price. My collectors items might be worth more now, but these are very hard to sell in my experience.

Posted by petert at July 3, 2007 04:45 AM


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