July 08, 2007

So where is all this working leading?

I want to think and envision my longer term horizons with work. I have worked almost one year now, but should aim for five years at this workplace. I am in my late forties and should plan on working another 15 years.

Day in, and day out, I write here about daily details of the practical aspects of working that might be common to others who might also have schizophrenia and be working. But where does this leave the voices of caution of the psychologists and nurses? They have in the past denied my ability to work. This was an older style of protection style therapy. But modern research on workable methods shows that we should not be protected but allowed to fail and take risks.

So we must look for work. This is the classical problem of the age beginning in the middle 1970's and heightened at each recession. But there is more to job seeking than simply reading classified adds or searching jobs available databases. We must look inside our self and choose what we really want to do or are comfortable doing. We must network and remain social to find openings and this is where those of us with schizophrenia fail. We must also study hard to develop ourselves for this knowledge intensive job market, they say.

I am studying for my next position and two other next positions.

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