July 22, 2007

Two Friday nights go by with no friends visiting.

I did not hang out with R, C, and J again this Friday. I needed to sleep and put being on time for work ahead of this consumer social circle. After reading a little of Schizophrenia Digest I may move beyond these folks. I need to support my partner's recovery more and these persons are actually not a good influence for her.

Instead, I am examining why I don't have other friends and she is not able to be friendly with C and J. She needs to start moving down the path.

I followed the right path to recovery that others have followed. I attended self help groups where I learned to care about other people's recoveries. Then through hobbies done with other consumers meeting friends without mental health issues or rather without treatment. These people were a regular social environment for 6 years. These people turned their noses up at me and me them. We politely stay in touch as I politely stay in touch with past consumers I knew.

I then moved into work as these persons were mostly workers. I am now able to socialise with coworkers but still this happens at work. Some of this work place socialisation is now becoming virtual by use of social networking sites. Here I will think both sides of the extreme possible outcomes even if this is not a probability experiment but a social recovery experiment. One side: my recovery could fall apart into shame and pain and may be even death or divorce; or instead I can move forward into wealth, health, fame, or high achievement.

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