August 04, 2007

You just can not win as a consumer.

I could not complete my weekend without debiting and spending. I bought a tool bag and it was even broken. I can fix it with coat hanger engineering but it is reflective of the the state of our modern consumer economy. I saved 70% on the price of this rolling tool bag. I might go buy two more this week after pay day. The sale ends Friday. I had a nice bus ride and walk to a store that had some in stock. Now my power tools are all in a rolling tool bag except for my drill. I now want two more bags for my hand tools and may be one bag, as a disaster kit holder.

I obsess a little with disaster planning. But I am aware of what's need in disaster and even volunteer as a city disaster volunteer responder. I would use the bag to hold water, food, first-aid and other disaster supplies. Or I may take the tools out of the bag and use the one bag for a disaster kit. I think I will do that now and save money by not buying more bags. This will give me a 15 minute activity to do. But first I update this and other blogs.

Posted by petert at August 4, 2007 10:17 PM


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