August 05, 2007

I completed yet another shopping trip by bus today.

I went out to replace the tweezers in my little pen knife but the store had none in stock. I then went to Ikea and bought some more magazine holders which I use for paper. I also bought a CD/DVD shelf and just go it together and up against the office wall. In this shelf I placed all my home made CD's, DVD's, and floppies. So this is sort of a computer software cabinet.

To get this rather heavy metal shelf home I called my wife and she came over and met me at the bus stop with our dolly so I could carry the shelf in its box home. The dolly worked well.

So the end result was more stuff this weekend but actually more organised as now the old spaces I used for software are now free for books and paper. The magazine boxes are all in a row now in the upper two shelves of my desk.

Posted by petert at August 5, 2007 11:06 PM


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