August 20, 2007

Our volunteering is done now.

Our volunteering together worked out. Two other volunteers I worked with know me better than just this volunteering. One is a coworker and another is sister union member. Both could find me here but only the sister knows I have schizophrenia. I am not sure how far my identity as a schizophrenic or person with schizophrenia has reached in my workplace. I have only allowed supervisors to know about this and not in any great detail. This reminds me I am supposed to find a speaker for our workplace to speak during mental illness awareness week this fall. I have contacted the local mental health association to try to find someone but they have not gotten back to me yet.

At the festival my political party was also volunteering and this was good. I talked to a few other politicos and it seemed everyone had a good time. Our volunteer leaders at the festival did a great job and they were spectacular at keeping us going.

I am just about to record bank and credit card activity in pen and ink copied from telephone banking. I will also start to get ready for a full week of work. May be I will get some workplace tests results back this week, and that is exciting me these past few days. Last week I learned my job was secure into the fall.

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