September 05, 2007

I did spend about one hour today surfing camera stores for bags and did buy the digital slr of my dreams on labour day.

I did buy the digital camera on the weekend and it is being shipped here and may get here by Friday's mail I hope. I also got a telephoto lens. I also this past weekend bought R a USB key for his school work. He is going back to school to get his high school completed. I finally met his friend K face to face and K and he are partners in living as they are neighbours. These male male non sexual partnerships are common for the recovery types and I had these same relations in the past. I could list all the friends I have had but that would be boring. One time I figured I had a different male friend every summer when younger. I also have some male friends in my coworkers group and I believe these males also have various mental health issues but because we only meet at work generally these issues stay fairly back burner.

So anyways R is moving on with his diet and his school and I have not helped him buy anything expensive lately. I have helped him get something for his friend K which was a simple music CD. R now must complete some maths and English courses to finally get his high school diploma.

I surfed professional camera stores today on the web looking for a proper camera bag. I wanted of course a bag which could hold the camera and lens and also my laptop. But for now I can't afford this. A bag meeting these specifications would be about 300$ about half the price of the camera. A cheaper perhaps better solution would be to have a water proof camping like case for the camera and lens and then place this case in an existing bag.

The best thing to do would be to take the camera back to the store. My banker had said I should not buy anything new. I hope to sell my guitar tomorrow and a coworker who is interested in purchasing it is coming by to look at it tomorrow after work. If I do sell it I will probably keep the camera. The money will go to pay down debit for the TV, or the original guitar debit, or the new camera debit.

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