September 08, 2007

Camera testing and seeking reality checks.

I open the camera boxes after work today. My partner drank six beers while I carefully opened the camera and did not lose any packaging or pieces. I then went to the electronics store and bought a memory card for the camera. The clerk who rung up my purchase was in a bad mood and I felt hot thoughts. I know this concept of hot thoughts is related to anxiety but it is related to labour so I said, "have a good day", right away to her. I took a bus home and then tried out the camera with the battery charged and the memory card formatted. I then uploaded some pictures to the web. I tried taking telephoto pictures from our balcony but the camera would not work through the garden netting that prevents pigeons. I left the camera out and need to put it safely away and organise it and then take it out today. I can take school pictures today and also pictures of a picket line.

The real reality check was to tell my mother about the camera, also tell her partner and then show my friends C and J. C thought it took excellent pictures and was worth the extra money compared to my old camera. My Mom's roommate thought it was a good camera but thought that the lens were worth a lot if I ever got a better body because they would work on better camera bodies too. So right now the decision is to keep it. I basically have until Wednesday to decide. But I should take it back by Tuesday really.

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