September 10, 2007

Another work week begins and I have three job applications due today.

I have one cover letter almost completed except for time and place specifics that our senior supervisor suggested I add to this cover letter. I just planned another cover letter and just need to type it up and then print it and show it to coworkers and supervisors today. These two cover letters will be submitted with resumes and application forms after work today or during work if they let me go to that part of our campus where we drop off our application packages. The third job application is also due today and it is done on-line and I have every thing done on-line but should get a resume from my workplace computer and also I must write a cover letter which I can do this morning. So this morning I can work on two cover letters before work and the other at work. For the resumes all are at work now so as I said one must come home now. I will work on the two resumes at work which are almost done and then bring the third home and submit the application on-line before going to sleep today around 5:00 PM.

Posted by petert at September 10, 2007 12:09 AM


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