September 14, 2007

I stayed up all night and now must work today.

I stayed up all night and just finished shaving and getting dressed for work. I thought of wearing an army fleece to work that would hold my iPod but this was showing off and inappropriate for the business workplace and in the end the new cat was sitting on me as I finished reading the first Harry Potter book and the fleece was covered in cat hair so I put on a black fleece instead. It is Friday so we dress down a little. But I have no clean jeans to wear and already wore jeans this week. The dress code is fairly formal in parts of our department but where I work it is a little more relaxed. I go somewhere in the middle but certainly not as messy as college dress I used to wear.

I am not yet tired but my thinking is following an all night pattern that will lead to paranoia at work. But I am too up about work to get down today. Only my tiredness will get to me and I am actively trying to think in a more relaxed style today.

Posted by petert at September 14, 2007 05:42 AM


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