September 23, 2007

We bought L a computer and printer and will give her a monitor as a Christmas present.

L is getting better and has quit smoking and drinking for a few weeks now. She is allowed out of the hospital now on her own. She was here today making some supper for us and I decided to buy her a computer and printer and give her our extra TV/monitor. She will pay us back for the computer and printer. The monitor is our gift to her. She needs to buy Internet for Dummies and Windows Vista for Dummies at the end of the month. Then next month she will pay for the printer which was on sale when bought with a computer. Then in 2008 she will pay for the computer itself. I just set it up with some software and will update the Windows and hook up the printer later this morning. Then someday this week or next weekend I will bring these to her house. She needs to find a proper desk or table first.

Posted by petert at September 23, 2007 11:29 PM


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