October 08, 2007

New hand mixer and new men's shoes purchased and new women's shoes and tweed blazers looked at for prices.

We went shopping on Saturday together. We were looking for shoes for my wife but she did not find any she liked. Some were just too fancy for her tastes. I had been wanting to get some new shoes that are very formal but comfortable. Many of my more neat shoes are batttered, either from use, or the cat scratching them. I did settle on a pair of Rockport, water proof, Oxfords. I had been bought a pair of Rockports by my mother when I was isolated and beginning recovery, so this brand hold special fasination for me. They are also amazingly comfortable and work well for formal shoes. So there is a practical recommendation for someone in recovery get a good pair of formal shoes or get your relative in recovery a pair. These types of shoes are great for wearing at work and I have never had a complaint about my shoes at work.

The hand mixer, we last used, was one we had either bought used, or we also had a hand mixer, that a former neighbour who was also a consumer survivor gave us. He died in mysterious circumstances naked in a parking lot from the cold. I still know his last partner and help her out sometimes. But neither of these two mixers was working anymore so we bought a new one also on Saturday.

My wife wanted me to buy a tweed blazer and we looked at some but I was put off by the prices. My wife asked her father about these coats and the suggested prices and then today he told her the prices we were seeing on Saturday were much too high for a such a blazer jacket. It may be time to go to a tailors and see what he can offer for tweed jackets. If I am forced to pay a lot it should be from a quality independent local source. That said I know that some persons just change the labels on suits and have seen a suit business do that before. Yes, I have witnessed crimes before and often not reported such crimes. Mostly because I did not know why or how to report crimes. I had no legal purpose or legal thinking. This was one reason I found for studying for my legal studies degree, it mad me more aware of laws and how to work and interact with laws.

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