October 21, 2007

I had a quiet day at home after union training.

I managed to wake up with lots of time to spare Saturday after a long day Friday. I volunteered on a festival by tending bar early Friday evening. There were many GLBT people there later and a representative of the Queen who also read fiction. It was a literary event. The gay writers were very funny but smutty and I was not entirely comfortable but had a great laugh at the humour. I also found some bad taste at an earlier none gay animation reading event. By about 10:00 PM I was home and going straight to sleep. On Saturday I completed my second day of union training and am now more aware of the grievance procedure for proper and full redress of workplace grievances.

I spent the evening as I usually do studying on the Internet. I also read some of the newspaper and listened in to the movie my wife watched in the bedroom. I am not sure now whether to stay up very late or sleep regular hours. I think I will plan to be a sleep early morning and wake up for about 5 PM. Therefore given 10 hours sleep I need to sleep at 7:00 AM this morning. It is time I began to study for school.

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