October 24, 2007

I came home from work early today, so I could study for tonight's mid-term exam.

I worked for only five hours today. I got in early and got some work done that was left for me by my boss. We then made progress with this work. At lunch my boss agreed I could work late next week and leave today at lunch so I could come home and study.

I basically have been studying and doing some organizing of my reading. I have a few notes I have read through for tonight's mid-term. I also have been applying some of the concepts of the course to see if these concepts are useful. It turns out they are and I am confident about tonight's exam. I am happy to report I have another A on the second assignment. If I do well this evening one third of my grade for this fall course will be a score of A.

Talking of grades my wife told me about a struggle she had when in school. For one geography test she memorized 100 definitions. The teacher came in on Monday and told the class that the dog had eaten the test and the class would be given a different test. My wife failed. This was in my opinion hearing this today the fault of the teacher. My wife does not have a high school diploma.

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