November 12, 2007

Still awake this morning. I have been up studying.

I am still up from yesterday. I learned some new research tools overnight. I did a little of my work at home last night. I now have some work to bring in on Tuesday when I return to work. I should be good for sleep tomorrow because I will sleep in the mid afternoon today. I am very tired now. I want to wait until a computer is delivered here today, then sleep. My wife is going out with her sister to shop at a second hand clothing store. The computer I bought from IBM is second hand too. We are poor even with work. But I need to stay awake to take delivery of this computer. If I sleep this afternoon I will miss an author's public speaking event I have a ticket for that happens at 7:00 PM this evening. I have been meaning to offer the ticket to friends on facebook but have not posted it there yet. I will do that now. I also watched a television panel talk about facebook this morning. I watched it on the Internet and was told about it being there by one of the panelists who is a professor in the USA of Internet studies. I have some home work to still do for Wednesday so may be today before sleeping I will start some of those homework problems.

Posted by petert at November 12, 2007 08:24 AM


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