November 17, 2007

C and J came by last night then we went downtown on the bus.

C and J came by last night. We talked a bit. J is a former professional cartoonist so I showed them some of Second Life which is like a cartoon you can create yourself in 3 dimensions. We also looked at photographs I had taken of my family. Then when they usually go home I went with them. My school library is open late at night even into the next morning so I went to the library. There was an assault on the bus as some young men tried to force some young women to come with them. The women got away and I witnessed it and when I got to the library the staff there helped me phone the bus security to report the assault.

At the library I took back some short books on privacy I had read all of. Then I borrowed about six new books. Mostly these books were about statistics, computing and social informatics but I also borrowed some sociology and criminology books.

I have a meeting with other students in about 2 hours from now. I am just getting dressed for a day of studies and will do some shopping on the way to school. My partner is out buying some second hand clothes today.

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