November 18, 2007

Debit continues to sky rocket but I have new clothes and new kitchen supplies.

I went out to a mainstream large department store last night. I was able to buy some corduroy pants to match the corduroy shirt my wife found at the second hand store. Well actually they do not really match which is something yes about schizophrenia. The shirt is blue and the pants are brown. Fashion clash? Yes, indeed.

I also bought pair of business slacks with pin strips and they are machine washable. All these pants were 30% off on sale.

Also on sale at this store last night were pots and pans and knives. I was able to buy a new dutch oven pot. I also bought a small paring knife and a utility knife. I also bought some kitchen scissors.

Today I am again thinking of buying a projector. I would have to run out to the store in the next half hour. Some how I feel better when I do this so I use purchases to feel good so I am, in fact, addicted to shopping in this way and it is harming our budget.

Posted by petert at November 18, 2007 04:12 PM


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